Our Business Ensures Precise Movement and Braking Special Brake and Clutch Experts Ensures Precise Movement and Braking Special Brake and Clutch Experts

Our Suntes is a corporate team of experts specializing in
power control technology to design, manufacture, and
sell power transmission and control equipment.
Since our establishment in 1961, we have been delivering value-add products
that meet the needs of the Japanese market.
And now we contribute to the safety and security of the
world through our main products,
including brakes and clutches for elevators and machine tools.

  1. Strength Japan’s Top Manufacturer of
    Special Brakes to
    drive the World’s Elevator Industry

    Our suntes has delivered many power transmission and control products to date. Among them, its special elevator brakes for high-rise buildings, which have been adopted by major manufacturers, boasts the domestic top-class share. In recent years, its rich achievements and functionality have been appreciated and adopted not only in Japan but also in Asian countries, including China, and the rest of the world. Our Suntes will continue pursuing safety as well as promoting product miniaturization, weight reduction, and pursuing contributions in terms of cost.

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      Container Crane
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      Climbing Crane
      Emergency Brake
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  2. Development We have advanced technology to be
    utilized in various fields,
    including ironworks, machine tools,
    and drainage pump stations.

    Our brakes are used, for example, in iron mills, rolling mills for manufacturing steel plates and steel pipes, and for machine tools that support manufacturing in factories. Furthermore, our large centrifugal clutches are used at more than 3000 drainage pumping stations mainly owned by local governments. Now our area of activity in response to the change of the times is showing a very wide spread. We will continue using advanced technology to develop various products and to support the development of the world.

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      Automated People Mover
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      Converter Furnace of
      Iron Mill
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      Roller Coaster
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  3. Solution Our research and development in
    anticipation of customers’ future needs
    will lead to the resolution of problems.

    Requests for power transmission and control equipment change with the times. We are engaged in research and development with a readiness to look forward to such changes constantly. We regularly pursue steady marketing and precise basic research and have a system that can precisely respond to customers’ voice. In addition, we take advantage of our strength in consistently handling processes from the development design stage to the production system stage and up-to-the-minute post-sales service.

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  4. Global Expansion We provide safety and security to the world with advanced technology and quality cultivated in Japan.

    The Sanyo Group’s Global Business Division is actively disseminating the Suntes brand worldwide in cooperation with overseas partner companies. Currently, we are talking directly with customers overseas and promoting a system that will enable us to make better proposals. In the future, we will demonstrate technology and quality that can be customized according to customer needs on the world stage.

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